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Toronto Massage Therapy Today

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize massage therapy is now way past its infancy. Times "are a changin". Prior to the RHPA's inception of the Massage Therapy Act of 1994, It was called the Drugless Practitioners Act. Massage Therapy Schools were now cropping up everywhere. And with good reason! People love helping people.

What better way to make your mark on the planet? Improve peoples lives in so many ways! Massage is not only a way to benefit society, its a way to stay in touch (pardon the pun) with connections and communication. People need connection, they need to feel centred and as easy to live life fully.

Massage has a way of reconnecting people with themselves. Slowing down and becoming more present with their bodies helps people deeply relax and see the bigger picture.

Not only does and RMT or Registered Massage Therapist enable you to become more present, but they can inspire you to make the necessary changes in your life that will help balance the pace of your life. Along with therapeutic techniques, non verbal communication, and stretches there are so many benefits from a regular regime of massage therapy treatments.


Find a massage therapist with years experience if you are looking for specific pain and chronic condition relief. It takes a few years of continuing education for therapists to hone in on challenging or complicated problems arising from old sports injuries, car accidents that were not fully resolved and pain of a long standing bio-mechanical condition.It is a value driven experience.

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